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The drawings listed below are scanned off existing factory catalogs, or existing books 
These Illustrated parts Drawings are shown only to help you identify needed parts, they ARE NOT parts that are made or supplied by the host of this website

Most of these illustrations will be from factory catalogs, however some are taken from Frank de Haas's Single Shot Rifle book & are for identification only, & ARE NOT factory part numbers unless identified as such.  This is important as about all obsolete parts suppliers use ONLY factory or closely associated numbers where ever possible so everyone is on the same page.


Note, for some of the older firearms, many over 100 years old, the factories never used what we now know as assembly drawings, but just views of many of the component parts & possibly randomly placed 

Stevens model 1894


There are 4 different early Stevens Favorite models made, the earliest, the Sideplate model, then 1889, the 1894 & the 1915.  Then in 1971 Savage came out with a Stevens Favorite commemorative model 71  & then in 1972 the model 72, (same gun, different barrel) which was a look alike to the early guns, but no internal parts were interchangeable with the early guns.  Early 1999 saw the factory re-introduce a slightly different Favorite yet, which was designated the model 30G 

In the above Illustration we have tried to utilize known factory parts numbers off the commonly seen 1915 drawing & then renumber the above for the 1894 to be somewhat compatible between the 3 different main  models, by using the same numbers where the parts are the same.  And by adding either an "A", "B", or "C" to designate if there is a difference between the different model versions.  The above numbers therefore may have suffixes that are not be the actual factory parts numbers, but they are what we use to avoid confusion.

The above model 1894 will not have any model markings & then some variations especially in the extractors & also transition guns have been noted.  This model was made over the longest time when special orders were accepted.  It could have had possibly 4 different extractors, depending on vintage. The only real way to tell which extractor you need, (IF YOURS IS MISSING) is to measure the slot in the barrel & the slot in the breech bolt.


The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.

Part #


.  Part #


 #1B-1 Breech Bolt  (.250 wide slot)   uses 13B-1 Ext. .  #19 Link Pin, Upper
 #1B-2 Breech Bolt  (.250 wide slot)   uses 13B-2 Ext. .  #20B Link
 #1B-3 Breech Bolt  (.250 wide slot)   uses 6-9 Ejector/Ext. .  #21B Link Pin, Lower 
 #2B Breech Block Pivot Screw .  #25B Mainspring Screw
 #6-9BC Extractor-Ejector Asy, 22RF (new style) .250 wide  .  #27B Take-Down Screw Assembly
 #10AB Firing Pin    #28  Trigger
 #11 Firing Pin retainer Pin .  #29B Hammer Screw
 #12B Mainspring-with screw hole .  #30BC Trigger Spring
 #13WB Extractor  (Old Style .160 wide base, .240 top) .  #31BC Trigger Spring Screw
 #14B Extractor  (.200 wide full length) .  #36ABC Tang Screw (Upper & Lower)       (2 needed)
 #14B Frame . . .
 #15B Hammer . . .
 #16B Trigger Screw .  #5 Dummy Screw
 #18 Finger Lever Bushing .  #10?? Screw for tang sight
 #19B Finger Lever Screw .  #35BC Forearm Screw

This gun actually had model numbers of 17, 20, & 27 assigned to it.  But the only reference to these models was on the sales catalogs & not on the guns themselves. 
These afore mentioned model numbers referred basically to different barrel configurations of the same gun.


The Above illustrations taken from Frank de Haas Single Shot Rifles & Actions book with the numbers changed to match factory part numbers

This gun will have 1915 stamped on the upper tang behind the hammer



The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.



Part #


. Part #


  #1C Breech Block .   #20C Link
  #2C Breech Bolt Screw .   #21 link pin
  #3 Butt Plate,  Rubber .   #22 Mainspring
  #4 Butt Plate Screw .   #23 Mainspring Plunger 
  #5 Dummy Screw .   #24 Mainspring Plunger Seat
  #6-9BC Extractor-Ejector Assembly, 22RF .   #25C Mainspring Plunger Screw
  #10C Firing Pin .   #26 Mainspring Plunger  Pin
  #11 Firing Pin Pin .   #27C Take-Down Screw
  #12 Fore-end (complete) .   #28 Trigger
  #14 Frame .   #29C Trigger Screw
  #15C Hammer .   #30BC Trigger Spring
  #16C Hammer/Trigger Screw .   #31BC Trigger Spring Screw
  #17C Lever .   #32 Front Sight, Gold Bead
  #18 Lever Bushing .   #33 Rear Sight, Sporting (complete)
  #19C Lever Screw .   #34 Rear Sight Step only
. . .   #35BC Forearm Screw
. . .   #36ABC Tang Screw (Upper & Lower)(2 needed)


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