Building a Simple Concealed Pistol Mount for Your Bed



How many of you simply put your home defense pistol in the nightstand beside your bed?   Maybe not such a good idea if you have kids, grandkids or even other family members who could have unauthorized access.  Then consider that a defense pistol is not really much good if it is not loaded.  Also if you had a home burglary when you were at away or at work during the day, the nightstand would probably be one of the first places a burglar would look for things of value, especially on the man's side of the bed.


The situation is yes, you want it close and readily available, but out of sight.  And under your pillow may not be the best place to hide it either.


One Solution ;  Here, I will show you how to build a simple concealment mount, out of scraps that will fit your bed railing.   The pistol being used here is a Colt style 1911, modified to the configuration of the original Detonics 45ACP.


The scrap metal being used is 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum flat bar, bent in an Ell that can be C-clamped to the metal bed rail (or wooden for that matter if any of those still exist).  The longer part of the Ell protrudes far enough outside the mattress box spring frame to allow for a 1/4" hole being drilled into this protruding bar and a 1/4" All-Thread being secured to the bar by a flat washer and nut on each side.  This threaded rod is then bent to an angle of about 45 degrees with vinyl tubing placed over the threads.  This vinyl cover protects the bore as the pistol's barrel is placed over it.  You can attach your bracket unit to the bed railing by using a 2" C-Clamp in a location that is convenient and out of the way.  Now cover the pistol with the frilly fabric that that my wife calls a mattress skirt that most women like to use to disguise the box springs.


And by rotating the vinyl covered rod 180 degrees this unit could be used on the opposite side of the bed.  Or it could be modified and mounted in may different situations that your creative ingenuity can think up.


This rod and vinyl just happened to fit the 45 caliber barrel.  For other calibers, you will have to be creative to the point that simply wrapping the rod with electrical tape to protect the pistol's bore.  However be sure that when you are finished that the firearm slides off the rod easily with no sticking or noise.


You will note in the photo below the two holes drilled in the metal.  These could be used to bolt it onto the frame, but are only here because the metal was scrap from some long abandoned project.


Here the unit is shown off the bed Here the pistol is mounted on the bed frame


In the RH photo above, the unit is mounted about mid section for photography purposes.  In actuality it will probably be mounted farther toward the head of the bed for better accessibility and concealment as seen in the photos below.  The RH photo below may be somewhat obvious to you and me because we know what is under it, but to casual observation, hopefully not noticed.  And in talking to our cleaning lady who comes in every 2 weeks because of the wife's illness,  This lady is also from a gun friendly family, and during a talk about hiding guns around the place, she has been within inches of this pistol, but has not found it yet.  


Here the unit & pistol are in position Here you see the mattress skirt covering the pistol


Sometimes simple little things that we gun owners can do to keep our guns out of the hands of others and yet not having to keep a personal defense firearm locked up, may be beneficial to the lives our loved ones.  This seems rather simple, but effective.  


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